Recruitment Session 2

The entire session is an addition to the original DPP program to provide a rationale for participants who may not be aware of the reasons to participate in a lifestyle modification program.

Recruitment Session 2


Recruitment session 2 begins with a brief recap of the role model story and how the female character’s lifestyle changed when she moved to the city. The increasing prevalence of obesity is explained as being due to dietary and exercise changes associated with urban lifestyles as well as cultural norms favoring being overweight. There is a brief recap of the biology of cardiovascular disease and diabetes and their negative health effects.

The benefits of not being overweight as well as a small amount of weight loss (7%) are discussed. The benefits of reducing stress and not smoking are also explained. Specific examples of small lifestyle changes that the role model character made to become healthier (such as drinker fewer sugary beverages) are given. Lastly, a brief description of the Lifestyle Africa program is given.

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Video Length: 24:08

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