Recruitment Session 1

The entire session is an addition to the original DPP program to provide a rationale for participants who may not be aware of the reasons to participate in a lifestyle modification program.

Recruitment Session 1


The purpose of this session is to tell potential participants about the Lifestyle Africa and why they might want to participate. It begins with a role model story describing the life of a female who grows up in a rural area and moves to the city where her diet and level of physical activity change so that she gains excess weight and eventually develops high blood pressure. The story explains how when she returns to her family and friends in the rural areas they mistakenly believe her weight gain is a sign of good health.

The session explains the biology of high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes and provides information on the rising epidemic of chronic diseases around the world due to changes in diet and physical activity.

Participants are told that the next session will discuss changes that individuals can be made to become healthier will explain more about the Lifestyle Africa program. The session concludes with a video of a testimonial from a community member who made lifestyle changes to improve her health (not included in the recruitment session video)..

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Video Length: 26:11

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