Session 5: Eat Well – Food Groups

Adaptations included adapting the food groups and plate composition recommendations slightly to match South Africa’s official dietary guidelines. Specific dietary information for diabetics was added. The role model story was designed to be culturally appropriate and to explain the underlying cause of changes in eating habits and weight gain.

Session 5
Eat Well – Food Groups

Learning objectives
At the end of Session 5, participants will:

Know the food groups

Know how to compose their plate with the rights amounts of each food group


In this session, participants learn more about food groups as well as whole grains and the glycemic index. This session includes guidance for participants on how to compose their plate with the right amounts of each food group. This allows participants to become more aware of which food groups are the most beneficial for their overall health. There is some specific information about diet for individuals with diabetes. There is a role model story of the female character that describes how she adopted unhealthy eating habits when she moved from a rural area to the city, and how she subsequently began to try to make healthier food choices. There is also a discussion of how to overcome common barriers to making healthy food choices.

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