Session 6: Get More Active

Adaptations to this session include providing more explanation of the role of muscles in the body, adapting the role model story to include muscle building exercises, and providing a much longer list of exercises with pictorial guidance. Exercises were also selected for suitability to older adults and adapted to avoid the need for specialized equipment.

Session 6
Get More Active

Learning objectives
At the end of Session 6, participants will:

Understand why to increase activity (get more active)

Understand why building muscles is a good way to be active

Learn new ways to get active and build muscles


In this session, participants learn more about becoming active. The session begins with a values exercise so that participants can reflect on their progress and further goals in relation to their values. The need to reach a moderately vigorous level of exercise is explained, along with the “talk test” method of judging the appropriate level of vigor.

The male role model character is used in an example of how to make gradual changes to one’s daily routine to increase physical activity. Participants learn the importance of activity that builds muscle and learn how to gradually increase intensity by counting and gradually increasing exercise repetitions. Some exercises are conducted in the group to demonstrate.

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Video Length: 27:33

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